Take Back Your Time with Great Systems


Take Back Your Time with Great Systems

Busy building systems rather than sales?

Sound like you?


OMG Yes!  I just spent the past 4 hours trying to figure out how to connect my opt-in form to my marketing campaign.  Then I finally got it set up and realized that my automation isn’t working.

I've just spent my entire morning returning emails to clients and leads.  Most of them are asking the same questions or have the same problem.  I know that this can be automated I just don't have the time to do the research and set it up.

I just switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit but now I think what I really need is ActiveCampaign or do I need Infusionsoft?  What is the difference?  What do I need?  Is it worth the cost?

Let me help

How would your business change

if you had more TIME?

Email Funnel Help
Business Strategy Consultant
Infusionsoft Specialist
ActiveCampaign SetUp

What would you do with an extra 4 hours a day? If you didn't answer - 'I'd learn how to build a sales funnel' or 'I'd automate my client onboarding' - then you may not want to spend hours with the nitty gritty technical work of automating your business.

Imagine your world where you could focus on;

Doing what you LOVE

Connecting with clients

Collaborating with peers

Developing content


Education & Development

If you want to improve your authentic and meaningful connections with both your customers and your loved ones, you need more time. I can provide you that time with automation. Carefully planned automation will deliver your genuine message and service that is 100% true to your brand.

Can't Wait Anymore?

Here's how you can work with me

One on One Power Hour

If you are stuck and need some one on one time so that you can finish and move on. This is for you.  


Link your new CRM to your website and set up your first welcome campaign

Set up billing to your new clients

Build a landing page

Set up a Lead Magnet Opt-in and Delivery

Help with your WordPress website

Regular $147

ONLY $97

Prices are in USD

Hours can be used at a later date. No quantity restrictions. No Refunds.

Monthly Tech Support

Ever wish that you had quick access to support for your technical troubles?  Think of the frustration it would save you if you could get a question answered so you could move on.  OR just have something done to save you time.  

This is for you and includes:

4 Hours monthly of either: 

One on One Power Hours

Done for You Service*


Unlimited Email/Slack support during office hours

Regular $425

ONLY $375/month

Prices are in USD

. This is a monthly subscription and will Auto renew at $375 per month. No Refunds if service is canceled you won't be billed in the next cycle.

*Done for you Service is deducted in 30-minute increments

Supported Systems include; Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, WordPress (Divi Theme, Thrive Themes, Beaver Builder), Basecamp, Asana, Zapier, Facebook Ads


Other Services

I offer a range of 'Done for You' solutions.  These are priced on a per project basis.  To discuss any of these services or other custom solutions book a Discovery Call below.

WordPress Websites

Sales Funnels

Strategic Systems Planning & Implementation

Project Management

Great systems give you

Room to Grow


Who am I anyway?

Do you go to bed at night worried about that client email you forgot to send? Or frustrated because you just spent all day in forums trying to fix your email funnel? If you answered yes then we need to talk.


I love systems. I know, it isn't necessarily a 'hot topic,' but I go to bed thinking about how to build my next system. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I can't wait to put it together. I don't just dream about systems I have built a successful career around them. My career in real estate led me to create a robust Infusionsoft marketing strategy. I was able to travel the world while that system worked for me in the background and earned me money. The same system still works for me today.
I have left the real estate world behind to build system strategies for other entrepreneurs and small businesses. I have found that only creating the strategy isn't enough.  I need to implement those strategies for my clients. I'd rather you grow your business than spend hours on YouTube trying to learn something I can show you in 5 minutes.
I can help you 'unload your brain' and organize the information. Together we can look at your business goals, growth aspirations, and build a system plan that will work for you.


Aren't sure where to start? Book a FREE Discovery Call with me.


Client Love            


Iris Talbot


Working with Lina was an amazing experience.  She took my simple website and turned into a tool that I am proud to show off.  I had never worked with automation before and didn't understand what an email funnel was or why it was important.  Lina walked me through everything step by step.  She always took the time to explain everything and made sure to use simple systems I was sure to understand.  Her workbooks and step by step guides have been a real help in the process.  I have gone from no systems to my own little system empire.  Thank you!

Jude Schweppe

Jude Schweppe


As a classic creative spaghetti brain I really struggle with the techie side of my business. I can come up with ideas at the drop of a hat, just don’t ask me to incorporate them into an email marketing campaign! Before I connected with Lina I had been trying work my way around Clickfunnels and Active Campaign on my own and was just at the ‘throw the Macbook out the window stage’ when Lina saved my sanity. Not only does she know these platforms inside out, she also teaches you how to use them in a way that feels intuitive and easy to absorb, so that you can actually do things by yourself once the session has finished. Plenty of people can show you what to do not everyone can teach you what to do. I feel much more confident with both platforms now and I look forward to working with Lina again when I get to the slightly more ‘advanced’ stuff. Thanks Lina!


Mona Cooley


I met Lina at a local entrepreneur event.  She spoke about systems, tools, and how they could help you build your business and at the same time make it more effective.  Although I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years I still hadn't realized the full potential of online marketing.  I had a very basic website and handled everything through personal emails and phone calls.  Something needed to change as my business grew.


Lina took one look at my website and drafted a proposal of changes.  She then took it a step further and discussed my long term goals with me and the tools we could use to work with our clients.  Although we are only slowly rolling out her solutions I am confident that they will have a great impact on my business.

Lina has gone above and beyond working directly with my assistant to make sure she understands our new system and how to use it.  I will continue to use Lina for the future of my business and have referred her to others.


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